Round Rail Fencing

If you’re in search of a fencing solution that not only boasts durability but also radiates aesthetic appeal, our round rail fencing presents an exceptional choice. This fencing style, characterized by its rounded rails, is popular for homeowners seeking a fence with simple yet polished ranch-style elegance.

The enduring quality of a round rail fence is distinctively refined when compared to the more rugged appearance of a split rail fence. The rounded rails, reminiscent of cabin logs, contribute to its visual charm. Round rail fencing showcases a level of Old-World expertise in craftsmanship.

Round rail fencing has a historical legacy spanning centuries, having been utilized both for perimeter delineation and ornamental purposes. This fence style can also be installed with woven or welded wire mesh for functional animal containment. 

Other Styles of Wood Fencing

Round Rail Fence Pricing

How Much Does A Round Rail Fence Cost?

The price of a round rail fence is based on several factors. Some of the most common factors that affect the cost of a round rail fence include:

Rail Fence Installation Style

Height of Fence

Linear Feet to Install

Number of Gates to Install

Type of Gate to Install

Additional Fence Accessories

Finishing Options

Removal of Existing Fence

Location of Fence Project

Other Site Condition Factors

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